Accordion 1


Beef / Pork Bruschetta

Garlic bread topped with minced beef / Pork mixed with bruschetta sauce and mozarella cheese.

57K / 67K

Mushroom Bolobolo

Fried mushroom, minced beef, orange cheese, mayonaise


Bufallo Chicken / Beef Ball

Chopped chicken / beef  then given mozarella cheese and orange cheese wrapped in bread flour served with Bbq mayo.


Smokey's Crunchy Potatoes

Thinly slice potatoes topped with bolognaise sauce and red bean, smoked beef bacon, mozarella cheese and orange cheese.


Smokey's Chicken Finger

Chicken breast cut as big a finger covered with bread flour served with honey mustard sauce.


Onion Ring

The onion are lightly breaded, molded into a loaf and deep fried until crispy and golden brown. They are served our original home made BBQ Mayo sauce. Available 2 size : small/ large.

55K / 73K

Baked Potato Skins

Traditional potato skins topped with cheddar cheese, smoked beef bits, green onion and served with sour cream.


Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Lightly breaded and deep fried Mozarellla Cheese Sticks, Served with home made marinara sauce.


Combo Tizers

Combination of chicken wings, baked potato skins and mozzarella cheese sticks


Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are marinated with seasoning and flour served with a choice of sauce that is hot / honey sauce.


Fried Calamari

Marinated round cut squid wrapped with seasoning flour served with tartar sauce.